How would you like to become a Zombie or even win 5,000 dollars? Either way, this could be cool. A chance to walk around the set of AMC’s, “The Walking Dead,” as a zombie and possibly even get your brains blown out might be one of those experiences one could take to the grave, haha. On the other hand, 5,000 dollars is a lot of money as well and can buy a lot of anti-zombie equipment. This will help when the time comes.

The Walking Dead Season Premiere on AMC will be this Halloween night October 31st at 10:00 PM. During this time a secret code will be run on a commercial break only once enter this code at the watch and win a walk-on role @

The other contest will allow you to win 5,000 dollars if you can rally the most friends on a URL that you would register for at the AMC site. This can be shared through Facebook, Twitter and via E-Mail. Either way one can be a winner. While on the site take the comic book quiz as well and see what you know.

Knowledge may save your life or someone else’s. Here is a couple of things to know before beginning your journey into the AMC Walking Dead series. Stay away from the major cities, if confronted with large mobs of zombies run, do not open the door before asking who it is. Zombies are not warm and fuzzy; they are not friends even though they may appear to be and most of all they cannot be trusted. Keeping certain things in mind will help one survive just a day or two longer.

Remember the more you learn about zombies, the better zombie you will make and the more you learn about motivating friends, the more money you could make.

Oh no! It happened again! Zombies have taken over the world. Don’t worry; it is a Halloween treat from AMC (American Movie Classics). Watch and experience the pilot of this bold new TV series called The Walking Dead online on Halloween night.

Zombies have been done and done, but take a chance on this series. The character development of the survivors goes beyond the typical zombie story. When the series starts, the audience may find that the zombies are mostly a backdrop to human drama. The story follows the lives of survivors after the main zombie outbreak ends. A brave officer of the law, Rick Grimes, survives because he is hospitalized with a gunshot wound and he wakes to find his world changed. There is no clue as to how long he was asleep, but there are dead flowers on his bedside table. His wife and child are missing and adding some extra soap opera drama; his wife may be having a relationship with his best friend. His goal is to bravely lead a group of survivors to safety in the post-zombie outbreak world.

Andrew Lincoln, who bears a surface resemblance to the comic book hero, plays the hero, Rick Grimes. As a citizen of the United Kingdom, according to IMDB, he is known for his voice over work and the movie Love. Jon Bernthal, (Eastwick and The Ghost Writer), plays Rick’s best friend, Shane Walsh. Sarah Wayne Callies (Prison Break) plays Rick’s wife, Lori Grimes.

There are only a few slow moving minutes as Rick Grimes grasps the changes of his world and the emotions of the characters are showcased. But, each more hesitant moment creates more anticipation as the audience cheers for Rick Grimes.

This AMC series is based on The Walking Dead comic book, written by Robert Kirkman and illustrated by Tony Moore. According to the director, Frank Darabont, (The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile) at a Comic-Con panel, it is a character-based series that will follow the story arc of the comic. Five years ago Frank Darabont found the comic book and said, “The following day I was calling my agent.” See a video about how The Walking Dead went from comic book to TV show on the AMC website.

It is gory and emotional with surprising soap opera elements. Frank Darabont created the zombies with the first Romero style makeup, using inspiration from George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead movies. Complete with great casting, fantastic camera work, and a perfect script, The Walking Dead is a must watch. For local airings, check the AMC TV schedule for Halloween night (2010). For a preview, see the IMDB trailers and a Behind the Scenes video.

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