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This past year, Stranger Things online was readily Netflix’s biggest breakout hit. The show showed up on the service following an understated advertising campaign. What we got, in the end, was a stunning story that echoed heavyweights Stephen King and Steven Spielberg’s fashions. After the closing credits rolled though, many were left wondering if the Duffer Brothers (the show’s creators) would choose another season. Happily, Season 2 ended up getting the green light, albeit with virtually no information about what direction it would take the narrative. The season was, and there is always a risk when you try to stretch out a narrative that would have been perfectly suited for a run of episodes. That being there are lots of instructions new episodes could take the show in, and we’ve got some ideas about how that could play out.

We would be shocked to find that the Duffer Brothers simply recreate the plot from Season 1, but it is worth mentioning this off the bat anyway. Season 2 has quite a ways to go toward justifying its presence, and creating an interesting new direction for our story is a strong first step toward accomplishing that. A dive into the unexplored corners of the Stranger Things online universe is a must, although we will, of course, need to see our favorite characters return to reprise their roles. Staying true to this tone is the key to recapturing the magic of Season 1, without the narrative to a run of episodes. The overriding theory posits that the Demogorgon, was in actuality, a manifestation of the significant powers of Eleven, and there is a whole lot of evidence. It makes her that much more intriguing as a person if it’s true. Building on that assumption will form the basis of the story moving as the source of Eleven is revealed in full.

After his rescue it’s apparent he’s not the same, evidenced by he coughs into his bathroom sink at the final moments of the finale. Will is connected to the Upside Down somehow, and we could use some replies before it is all said and done because we don’t have any idea what the Demogorgon do with him while he was gone. We know very little (if anything) about the Upside Down, beyond the fact that it is a darker, alternative reality that placed a child-eating death-monster. There are a lot of questions worth investigating in Season two. Is the Demogorgon at the Upside Down? Has it been a nightmare-universe? How does this and Eleven connect, and why does she seem drawn to it? Diving into one of these questions would result in a story in Season two. Before the current Super Bowl spot, the only footage we’d of Season 2 came to us in the kind of a mysterious teaser. We imagine it come into focus but for now, it makes for a game for lovers, while continuing to expand on Stranger Things’ intrigue.

Watch Stranger Things online imaginative tone has been driven with a spectacular soundtrack, rooted at a synth-laden ’80s vibe. It is not often that its soundtrack is utilized by a TV series for anything mood music that is more than traditional, but that is just what the Duffer Brothers helped deliver in Season 1. We are hoping the trend continues in Season two, as the series keeps growing both thematically and musically. Whenever a show achieves the degree of immediate popularity that Strangers Things online did, it becomes easy to lose sight of things quickly. Unexpectedly, scores of fans (ourselves included) have particular demands concerning what they need to see in another season. And while these requests are important in their own right, it is equally as important to keep in mind who is in charge (read: the founders).

Now that he has been vanquished, we will require an opposing force for our characters. If the current Super Bowl spot is any indication, the brand new big bad will be a lot larger than the Demogorgon (above), echoing colors of Cloverfield. Understanding how to finish a series is at least as important as constructing the narrative itself, and shows like Dexter are positive that overstaying your welcome could have dire consequences. Having said that, the Duffer Brothers apparently have an end-date in your mind. “I do not need it to be one of those shows that run out of gas and they lose it as they are losing interest,” stated Matt Duffer in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, “You want to end once you are on top.”

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Nothing is really devastating, although is the sort which exists when a truth was unveiled. As they drive home, his daughter and Rick apologize placing the band-aids and ignoring the size of what has occurred. Her children sit about the avoidance that they see before them at the back. And say “I liked her,” clearly desperate to return to treatment, to the individual who genuinely might have the ability to help all of them. They want to perform the job. But their mature versions are too fearful of doing the job and facing the fact, so they’re going to seep into themselves. Rather, Grandpa Rick and their mom make plans to visit a bar and drink away the truth… cut to credits.I shuddered. But intelligence is at the core of the human mind not anywhere near the savior of the basic truths. Our disability to grip our own reach for satisfaction, anger, disgust, sadness, and fear is what mars our selfhood’s engine.

rick and forty season 3For the truth rests in bodies and our hearts. There is. There is. And we turn ourselves rather than confronting the darkness in our 19, into pickles. It’s about how we come to appreciate certain “positive” traits (such as intelligence and power) which we believe will enable us to keep living because we think they have what enabled us to survive up to now. But they will not ever be sufficient make us more balanced, or even to make us whole. They are just systems we maintain feeding again and again because they alleviate the guilt or anger, confident things will be fixed by our solutions only. And that is how we proceed, trapped in cycles, an achievement to our ends that were crippling, rather than addressing the ways we’re broken. It’s an episode about the ways we lie to others and ourselves. Especially since we understand that, in the long run, there’s only facing the reality. And we are scared to do it. There is no comment online that could make me frustrated.

For it is not even the easy confusing depiction and acceptance, nor is it a part of this horrid demand for abject moralizing in our media… It is simply not seeing what is there. And it is being made. And therefore, like Rick himself, it’s just another kind of displacement. We want somebody to not be punished by the show what’s more, and so we do not need to, not punish ourselves. While the series would lay the truth with of the subtleness of a dagger to us it is to need both facts all, and catharsis.Like treatment, like monitoring, like criticism, like self-reflection… There’s only doing the job. These are the things. But fortunately for us, the crowd, who gets an opportunity to check in on art with an open mind and open heart, there’s undeniable power in the way the straightforward 22 minutes “story” can be the greatest tool for self-reflection. And when it comes to pure storytelling, I’m proud to state that rick and morty season 3 does the job each time.I can think of nothing.

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